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    House Rewired Coventry

    How Much Does a House Rewire in Coventry Cost?

    The cost to rewire a house in Coventry depends on the size & type of property aswell as the current condition of your home.

    Some older houses in Coventry could require a full rewire to increase the level of electrical safety and also improve energy efficiency. As for newer houses you may not need a full rewire, you may just require a part rewire. Once a Coventry electrician has inspected and tested you electrical circuits, only then can we determine if a house rewire in needed to keep your home safe.

    Rewire Process

    Our Coventry electricians will safely remove all of your homes old wiring cables that were connected to their circuits and then carfully install new up to standard wire for your whole house. Some damage may be caused to to removing your old wiring from your house. Floor boards will need to be removed and holes in certian places may be required to ensure your home is ready to recieve the new wiring.

    What is the price to rewire a house in Coventry?

    House Rewire Coventry for a single bedroom apartment/flat can cost around £2200 to £2600, on the other hand, rewiring a two bedroom terrace house can be increased up to £3600.

    Much bigger homes that need a full rewire will cost more. Normally a 3 bed semi detached type house should cost between £3300 to £6000 to be fully rewired, and detached houses with 4 bedrooms can cost over £7000

    Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

    Before any rewiring to take place. An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) may be required.

    Smart Home Electrics

    We can install a wide range of techy home gadgets from ring door alarm cameras to nest heating thermostats.

    Electric Car Charger Installers in Coventry

    EV Midlands® ltd are leaders in providing electric car charger installations in the west midlands & east midlands. Make sure to also apply for the OLEV grant which is available by the goverment for all electric car owners.

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    EV Charger Installers Coventry

    Kitchen Rewire Coventry

    Full House Rewiring Coventry

    Part House Rewire Coventry

    Emergency Electricians Coventry

    Electrical Services For All Areas of Coventry

    Get a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate (EICR)

    Landlords in Coventry can benefit from our electrical safety certificates that make sure your tenants are kept safe.

    We Provide Domestic Electrical Services

    Lights gone out? Get in touch with EV midlands today for our sameday emergency electrical services in Coventry.

    Get a CCTV System Fitted Today

    We install all cctv camera systems around your home, keeping you safe from all angles, day or night.

    House Full & Partial Rewires

    Order a full or partial house rewire today. We update electric cables throughout Coventry homes daily.

    We Install Smoke Alarms

    Make sure your smoke alarms in your home are up to date and have either been replaced or serviced. Get in touch for our smoke alarm safety check up right now.

    Security Lighting is a Must

    Book an electrician in Coventry to arrive and fit a security light at the front door or your back garden within a few hours, Helping you to see outside at night time.

    Extra Plug Sockets?

    Have a qualified electrician fit a new plug socket or an extra light bulb in your home today.

    Electrical Fault Finding Service

    Not sure why your electric power has cut out? We can track down the fault with our high end electrical equipment & knowledge.

    Looking For A House Rewire In Coventry?

    Make contact with us today to book in one of our qualified electricians in Coventry, Warwick, Kenilworth.

    We Are a Team Of Domestically Trained & Qualified Electricians.

    Electric car charger installation Coventry

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    Even More About Us

    We are leading the way in providing affordable Electrical services in Coventry & electric car charging installation stations at your Coventry home. We have qualified electricians based in Coventry & Warwickshire. If you own an electric car then call us today to have your car chager fitted without any delay, Obviously at the most affordable prices.


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